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Evaluation of Anti biofilm and Antibiotic Synergistic Activities of Silver Nano particles Against Some Common Bacterial Pathogens

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The Long-Term Effects of ColostrumSupplementation andSprint-Endurance Training on Plasma VEGF Levels in Male Wistar Rats

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 Molecular and Biochemical Aspects of Hypophosphatemic Rickets; an Updated Review

Letter to Editor

West Nile Virus: Epidemiological and Surveillance Approaches

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Transcutaneous Bilirubin Assessment for Screening of Hyperbilirubinemia in Term and Near-Term Neonates with Jaundice, a Comparative Study

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Assessment of Vitamin and Mineral Intakes in Paralympic Athletes in Tabriz, Iran

Brief report

Capillaria Hepatica in Rattus spp. captured in Sanandaj and Failure to Infect Balb/c Mice with Embryonated Eggs Orally 

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Determining Motor Development Status of 3-10 years old Children in Ahvaz City Using TGMD-3 Test

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