Int J Basic Sci Med. 2017;2(2): 73-76. doi: 10.15171/ijbsm.2017.14

Letter to Editor

Can the MTT Assay Be Optimized to Assess Cell Proliferation for Use in Cytokine Measurement?

Elisa Vega-Avila 1 * , Michael K Pugsley 2

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1- Daskalakis E, Huang B, Vyas C, Acar A, Liu F, Fallah A, Cooper G, Weightman A, Blunn G, KoƧ B, Bartolo P. Bone Bricks: The Effect of Architecture and Material Composition on the Mechanical and Biological Performance of Bone Scaffolds. ACS Omega. 2022;7(9):7515 [Crossref]
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